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The Fathom Firefox Extension
A Browser-based Network Measurement Platform
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What is Fathom?

The Fathom project explores the browser as a platform for network measurement and troubleshooting. It provides a wide range of networking primitives directly to in-page JavaScript. You get direct TCP/UDP socket access, higher-level protocol APIs such as DNS, HTTP, and UPnP, and ready-made functionality such as pings and traceroutes.

Curious? Read more, install it, check out example applications, browse the documentation, and get involved!

We regularly use Fathom in Firefox browsers on Linux, OSX, and Android. We currently don't fully support the Windows platform, mainly due to lack of development cycles.

Who's behind Fathom?

We are researchers with a strong history in network monitoring and browser architecture. Our team: Mohan Dhawan, Justin Samuel, Renata Teixeira, Christian Kreibich, Nick Weaver, Mark Allman, and Vern Paxson.


13/04/18: Fathom is a Google Summer of Code project! If you're a great browser/JavaScript hacker and interested in working with us on advancing Fathom, check out the GSoC ideas page and get in touch via email or IRC (channel: #m-lab)!

12/05/15: API & site revamp, documentation is live

12/02/03: Feature update & bugfix release

11/23/11: Compatibility release for Firefox 8

10/09/11: Initial public Beta release